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35,70,000 + Apps Upload & Download

17,89,000+ users uploaded and downloaded the different apps more than 35,70,000+ times.

Completely Free for Everyone.

No Size Limit

You can upload any size app if the linked Dropbox account has enough free space.

No Expiry

Your app will be live until you delete it from your Dropbox account.

Completely Free for Everyone.

  • Unlimited app installations
  • Auto email app distribution link
  • Keep same installation link for the same app
  • Auto-restart upload after network change or failure
  • Install previous version with same installation link

One Software, Every Solution

We designed and tested AppBox to solve most of the pain points for iOS App Wireless Installation.

Easy to Use

AppBox is super easy to use. Just drag-drop your IPA file and hit the upload button.

Easy to Scale

Whether it’s a small internal app or a new one for millions of customers, AppBox is ready to serve your users.

Fastlane support

AppBox has a plugin for Fastlane. Read more about AppBox Plugin for Fastlane.

Build History

With keep same link feature, you can install the previous version with the same installation link.

Full Controls

You have full control over your apps. All your apps are in your linked Dropbox account and can delete any time.

Quick Settings

Lots of customization options for download page and build and 3rd party integration (Slack, Hangout & MS Teams).

Try AppBox for Free!

35,70,000 + Total Apps

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