Keep Same Link

Download the previous build with same url...

1. What is keep same link?

This feature will keep same short url for all future build/ipa uploaded with same bundle identifier. If this option is enabled, you can also download the previous build with same url.

When you've uploaded more than one app with "Keep Same Link" option enable and open the short url in your iOS Device, you'll see two option is there

1.1. Install Application

Install Application button will always install the latest build. (Demo URL - It's look like

1.2. Install Previous Build

Install Previous Build button open another page, which contains all list of all uploaded with date and time based on iOS Device local. You can install the any previous build from this page

2. How to create two different link for same build using Keep Same Link option?

You can change the link by providing a "Custom Dropbox Folder Name" in "Other Setting". By default folder name will be the application bundle identifier. So, AppBox will keep the same link for the IPA file available in the same folder.

3. How to keep the same link but also hide the previous version from installation page?

You can do this from AppBox preferences by enabling "Don't show previous version on app installation page. " option.

So, If you chose Keep Same Link during the upload and this option is enabled, AppBox installation page wouldn't show the previous version.


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